5 Tips To Master Your Body Language For Job Interview Success

5 Tips To Master Your Body Language For Job Interview Success

Going for a job interview can be a stressful experience, whether you’re the perfect person for the job or not, but there are ways you can maximise your chances of success, just by focusing on your body language. Here are five tips to help you do just that.


Even if you’re nervous, try and smile when you meet those who are going to be interviewing you. This will make you seem warm and open, and will really help to create a great first impression. You’ll also find that others smile at you more, which will help you relax.


More than likely, your interviewer will want to shake your hand. Make sure your handshake isn’t too strong and that you don’t grip too hard. Be firm and always look the other person in the eye, smiling as you do.

Lean in

No matter what’s happening in your interview, lean in a bit if someone asks you a question as this will help you look engaged with what’s going on. Nodding at the same time can help as it shows you’re paying attention.

Avoid fidgeting

If you’re a big fidget this will be hard but try not to do it in an interview. It’ll make you look unfocused and nervous. You should also make sure you don’t cross your arms over your chest as this is a very defensive pose. Keep your hands still and in view of the interviewer if possible. Bringing your fingertips together can actually make you look more authoritative, but use this trick in moderation.

Don’t touch your face

Avoid doing this as frequent face touching can make you look untrustworthy and dishonest. Try not to rub your neck or head either as this can make you look bored and disinterested.

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