Is Professional Development A Solution In Lockdown?

Is Professional Development A Solution In Lockdown?

With new stay-at-home guidelines being announced by the government and the potential for a second lockdown on the horizon, people have been looking for ways to maximise their time at home whether they are furloughed, supported by the Jobs Support Scheme or looking for the next step in their careers.

Perhaps the solution is focusing on continuing development and the opportunities that this opens in uncertain times.


Professional Uncertainty

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the global response has made this year a particularly uncertain one for businesses, learners and workers alike. Since the national lockdown took effect, many offices were closed to prevent the spread of the virus.

This has meant that for most of the last six months most staff who have been able to have worked from home, and with the most recent advice from the government it appears this will be the norm again.

This has also led to a significant reduction in staff, either by being outright made redundant or being placed on the soon to be ending Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

The scheme set to end and be replaced by the Job Support Scheme, a system that pays a third of a person’s salary providing they are working at least 33 per cent of their typical hours. This could have a knock-on effect for workers currently still under furlough and may trigger more redundancies.

With redundancy consultations currently taking place in many businesses, it is time to see the potential personal training courses could have in helping your position, either to remain at your current workplace or find an even better role.



The first opportunity that comes from professional development is the opportunity to pivot and retrain for a new role.

Whilst several industries have struggled as a result of the pandemic, others have boomed, and a change that has come from necessity may end up taking you to the job you never realised you wanted.


Skills Upgrading

Many skilled and experienced members of staff are only one course away from a promotion, and with more time comes more of an opportunity to expand your skillset and reach for a higher position.

This only magnifies for industries that have dramatically shifted predominantly to digital approaches, such as the adoption of eCommerce in retail and the rise of digital marketing techniques.

If you are a skilled staff member working in the office, perhaps a management course will push you straight up the career ladder and into leadership roles, either at your current employer or somewhere new.

Adapting To Business Needs

Finally, businesses are looking for people who can adapt to new challenges, and add extra versatility to their staff. With a significant reduction in working hours for several members of staff, the workload will become more varied in scope.

It is worth discussing with your manager about whether there is a need for specific skills that are not covered by other members of staff, and with that comes the possibility to transition intot the next phase of your career.