Diversify Your Bar Offerings With A Beer School!

Diversify Your Bar Offerings With A Beer School!

Consumers really are a very discerning bunch these days, wouldn’t you agree? It’s not enough for food and drink brands to simply serve up delicious food and some tasty drinks, and leave it at that… people are increasingly looking for experience-based offerings from the brands they choose to spend their money with and sooner or later, all companies will have to start doing so or risk losing out to the competition.

It always pays to see what other similar businesses are doing – and there’s certainly no shame in pinching a few ideas or being inspired by what they’re up to. And with that in mind, if you run a bar and are wondering what you could do to bring even more punters through your front door, you might want to check out what Scottish brewery BrewDog is up to in Manchester at the moment.

Some seven years ago, the brand opened its seventh bar on Peter Street in Manchester and ever since, the craft beer world has gone from strength to strength. And now it’s time for BrewDog to open its second bar in this particular northern city, located just one short mile from its original establishment on Oxford Road.

But this isn’t just somewhere that thirsty students can pop off to between lectures to enjoy a pint of craft beer or several… the BrewDog powers that be have also decided to turn BrewDog Outpost Manchester into a learning opportunity for anyone who comes through its doors, with free mini beer schools and brewery tours taking place each day for the first four months.

Inside the Outpost itself, you’ll find 24 taps of craft beer from BrewDog and other breweries the brand favours, with a pair of local taps chucked in as well. There’s also a newly launched cask ale tap so you’re sure to find something that suitably tickles your tastebuds.

Captain of BrewDog James Watt was quoted by the Manchester Evening News as saying: “We love to spread the gospel of craft beer to anyone who is willing to listen and we see the new BrewDog Outpost Manchester location as the next step in the craft beer revolution.

“Alongside serving up our usual mix of BrewDog staples, we will be giving visitors a chance to delve deeper into our world with a selection of on-site limited edition brews and the dedicated Beer School area. Manchester has always been famed for its contribution to UK culture and with our new location we are excited to be part of the next chapter.”

Trialling something like this at your own establishment could prove particularly fruitful, so why not kick some ideas around and see what you can come up with? You do need to have a good understanding of your key demographics and know the kind of activities and interests that are likely to inspire them, otherwise it could prove to be wasted effort… but a bit of brainstorming and you’re sure to get there.

You could also take inspiration from FIB Tattoo Bar, the very first bar of its kind to open up in Brooklyn in New York. The shop itself has been tattooing for ten years and has been running a cocktail bar on site for a month, with all sorts of cocktails and mix drinks on offer depending on what season it is. Now that really would be an interesting way to diversify what you have to offer your customers, don’t you think?

Over the summer months, the bar is also giving punters the chance to learn how to tattoo themselves, with a ticket providing access to a class and a drink, with all supplies provided. Customers will be able to work their artistic magic on a piece of synthetic skin or a melon… what a great way to really market and advertise your business!

Or take a look at what Fulham Beach in London is up to right now, perfectly timed for the heatwave we’re just about to have. The venue can be found near the River Thames, with bottomless brunches on offer, as well as yoga sessions on the beach, cocktail masterclasses, outdoor cinemas… the ingenuity is astounding and there’s no reason whatsoever why you and your company couldn’t do something similar yourself.

Throughout the summer, people can head off to Fulham Beach to spend the day lounging around on a day bed with friends, or reserve an exclusive cabana or even their own beach hut. If it’s rainy (quite likely), there’s the covered jungle pergola under which to seek some shelter.

It truly is all about the brand experience for consumers these days and you would be doing your business a real disservice if you fail to acknowledge this at some point in the near future.

Because the demand for experiences is there, competition in this arena is only going to increase so you’ll find you have an even harder time targeting your chosen audiences, since you’ll all be battling it out to encourage people to come to your event over that of your competition’s.

Yes, people are looking for fun and enjoyment, but they also want to know that brands take life seriously and they’re also keen to learn, so what about bringing in some high profile people from your industry to hold a talk or a workshop, as well as putting together a pop-up shop with some freebies on offer?

The more you put in, the more you’ll get out, so do sit down and take some time to come up with a few ideas as to how you could corner the brand experience market this year or next.

Whatever you do, however, make sure that your staff members have all been on the relevant licensing training courses so they’re well versed in the responsible sale of alcohol. If you’d like to find out more about this, get in touch with the team here at Learning Plus today.