Consumers Demand Adventurous Flavours

Consumers Demand Adventurous Flavours

It has become crucial for publicans to keep up with the public demand for adventurous flavours and innovative drinks, and in particular the growth of the mixers market, according to the Morning Advertiser.

Licensed drinks outlets are taking advantage of the new trends and releases in the mixer market, buoyed by the public’s exploration of new and interesting flavours, to help ensure 2020 is a good year for bars, pubs, and restaurants.

Amy Burgess of Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) says: “Consumers have developed an appetite for new flavours and experiences, which is driving the growth of flavoured mixers. People are also drinking a wider range of spirits; although gin is still very much a big part of the market, options like mezcal and Tequila are resurfacing and dark spirits are also experiencing strong growth.

“Operators can make the most of this trend by pairing spirits with interesting mixer flavours to create unique mixed drinks that will excite consumers.”

Raissa de Hass of Double Dutch Drinks has highlighted the increase in new and usual flavours in mixers. “There is a real trend towards new ingredients,” she says. “Elements such as CBD oil are slowly coming into the mixer market and cues are being taken from the culinary world. In particular, we are seeing more Asian and herbal flavour profiles, such as matcha tea, cardamom and turmeric.”

Dark spirits such as golden rum, whiskey, and tequila are the hot tip for increased sales in 2020, and curating a thought out range of mixers to complement the spirits will give customers more opportunity to explore all the options available.

After the introduction of the number of flavoured tonic waters, there are now more mixers, such as colas and ginger ales, that are designed to be paired with dark spirits, breaking from the conventions of drinking neat dar spirits, such as Scotch.

Britvic launched a new mixer range in 2019, to complement dark spirits, such as a Spiced Orange and Oakwood Spice, that are said to combine well with darker rums and bourbon. The new range, according to Britvic’s Adam Russell, will help publicans offer choice, new flavour combinations and strengthen dark spirit sales helping them to capitalise on an emerging trend.

The lack of experimental mixers for dark spirits led Coca-Cola to release their Signature Mixers last year, four flavoured colas to give consumers a chance to “discover and enjoy dark spirits in the same way as tonics have enabled the exploration of gin”.

CCEP’s Amy Burgess added: “Each of the flavours is designed to enhance the complex flavours of dark spirits, including whisky and rum, bringing different taste combinations that will attract new consumers as well as excite seasoned dark spirits drinkers.”

As spring approaches, many bars will be rejuvenating their drinks menus to reflect the seasonal change, and making use of the wider varieties of mixers will help keep them one step ahead of the competition.

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