5 Reasons To Upskill This Autumn

5 Reasons To Upskill This Autumn

Over the last seven months, the business world has changed significantly, and it remains to be seen how much of what has will go back to the way it was after the current circumstances have ended.

In the short to medium term, however, we have all adapted to the new normal and shifted our skills and workflow accordingly to adapt to new working environments.

We are all fast learners, and deserve recognition and credit for the new competencies you have learned, effectively upskilling as we worked.

According to the most recent survey by the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development, many organisations have changed the way they implement personal training courses, with the use of technology increasing since 2015.

There are so many reasons to upskill this autumn, to benefit not only yourself but also your organisation and future development. Here are just five reasons.

Fill The Digital Skill Gap

The need for staff to upskill and add relevant skills to their repertoire as businesses evolve has been increasingly important for the last few years, caused by a few factors.

The first, and most obvious one given the current work from home recommendations from the government is the increasingly digital nature of most businesses. Whilst many businesses adopted a more digital workflow by March 2020, we have been seeing a rapid increase in technology in the workforce for years.

With the types of jobs a business is likely to need doing changing all the time, regular personal development needs to be at the core of any business strategy.

Replace Brain Drain

By contrast, there is a second skills gap on the horizon with the increasing age of the workforce. Many staff members have decades of experience in a particular industry that if they were to retire or resign would lead to a significant knowledge gap.

Upskilling to be able to take on these new responsibilities would help ensure business continuity and also put you in line for rapid promotion.

Increase Confidence

If the rapid adoption of remote workflows has taught us anything, it is that we are exceptionally capable and able to learn new things quickly if needed. If you are in a role it is because an employer has confidence in your abilities, potential and development.

Everyone is capable of more, and it is important to grasp opportunities to develop and boost your abilities, not just for material benefits but because it proves you can do anything you set your mind to.

Become An Ideas Leader

There is no modern precedent for the situation many of us are in. The response to the global pandemic has led to a complete shift in how we work, but within this change is an opportunity to be proactive.

Learning and training for future needs in the new normal gives you the opportunity to be a critical part of your organisation’s future plans as they rebuild their structures.

Increased Flexibility

Ultimately, upskilling and improving your abilities gives you the potential to not only improve your current position or even receive a promotion, but also to look at other opportunities you may never have considered in the past.