Why You Should Invest In Microsoft Office 365

Why You Should Invest In Microsoft Office 365

Whether it is for a job or personal use, you will know the important value of learning different computer skills. You might think that you know it all about a certain computer program, though there are many people out there that might not be familiar with how to use it. If you are looking to complete training for Microsoft Word 2013, then you might be able to start taking advantage of the program very soon.

Microsoft has revealed that it will be increasing the number of subscriptions for Office 365. Personal and home holders will be able to install Office 365 on an unlimited number of devices, which can be done from October 2nd. To put that into perspective, personal users can currently use Office 365 on one tablet and one on PC or Mac, while home subscribers are limited to ten devices.

Whether you are looking to use Word, Excel or PowerPoint, you will no doubt be aware of how useful they can be as either a student or in the workplace. It is easy to believe that everyone has a basic understanding of them, though there is always an opportunity to learn how to use Office 365 to a high standard.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reports that nearly one-third of Brits do not believe they have the right computer skills needed for a certain role. It is not uncommon for many people to fall short of their true capabilities with different tech. However, it is important to start developing those skills, especially if they relate to the field of work you want to enter one day.

Currys PC World (via the Sun) found that millions of Brits struggle with different technology services. Speaking to 2,000 people, 42 per cent said they found tech to be too complicated. What is interesting is that most people use devices on a regular basis, specifically eight in ten adults saying that they are on their smartphones and almost two-thirds using their laptops.

Georgina Bramall, head of brand and advertising at Dixons Carphone, commented: “With technology advancing at a rapid pace, it can feel a little overwhelming at times and it can be easy to feel out of your depth. However, it’s not always just the buzzwords and jargon that can make us feel left behind. Sometimes it’s the tech we use that’s old and outdated, which further compounds the problem.

“Our findings prove that getting it right with your set-up is now more important than ever – two-thirds of the country use a laptop daily, yet nearly a third of consumers say their tech is too slow, which can cause all kinds of problems.”

If you feel slightly out of your depth with different programs or computer software, then that is an issue that can be solved if you spend time practising. It is an issue that many Brits face in one way or another, but that does not mean it is too late to become highly proficient with Microsoft Office in no time.