53% Of Disabled People ‘Have Been Bullied/Harassed At Work’

53% Of Disabled People ‘Have Been Bullied/Harassed At Work’

Making harassment and victimisation a priority at work is a must for all managers and business owners. All employees are equal and should be treated as such – although it would seem that this isn’t the case for the majority of disabled people in the workplace.

New research from charity Scope has revealed that 53 per cent of people with disabilities say they have been bullied or harassed because of their differences. What’s more, 21 per cent admit that they have tried to hide their disabilities from their employers, the Press Association (via the Huffington Post) reports.

Chief executive of the charity Mark Atkinson said there’s no reason why a disabled person should be discriminated against in the workplace or feel like they could lose their job – and this research goes to show that both employers and the government should be doing a lot more to support this demographic in the workplace.

“It’s clear that support for disabled people both in and out of the work place needs to radically improve. If the government is serious about halving the disability employment gap, it must set out reforms which not only lead to a change in employer attitudes but also offer disabled people better access to in-work support,” he was quoted as saying.

The study also found that 13 per cent of disabled people say they’ve been overlooked for promotions, while a quarter believe that their employer isn’t supportive of their disabilities.

Whether you’re disabled or not, bullying and harassment at work can have a huge impact on people’s general health and wellbeing. There are all sorts of physical and mental effects that it can have, from increased anxiety and panic attacks to depression, insomnia, high blood pressure and more.

It can also have a direct impact on the quality of work being done, as well as productivity levels. Performance issues like loss of motivation, low concentration, difficulty making decisions and high absenteeism could all result from feeling harassed and victimised by someone at work.

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