How You Can Improve Customer Service With Personal Training Courses

How You Can Improve Customer Service With Personal Training Courses

If you work in a front-facing job role, then you will not want to overlook how important customer service is for the business that you work for. If you are a business owner, you should not overlook the need to instil that mentality in all your employees and personal training courses is one way of achieving exactly that.

FE News reports on a Bury St Edmunds bowling alley that reopened after a significant investment into the business and improving its standards and facilities. Bury Bowl’s staff had been involved in training that would help them improve their customer service. In fact, Claire Gouge, who is the manager for Bury Bowl, took part in a team-leading qualification.

Ms Gouge commented: “It was hard going back to studying, but I found it really helpful. I learned how to develop my team, setting them objectives in the workplace, improving team performance and understanding stress and conflict management, meeting customers’ needs and providing quality service.

“It was great that I could do the course in the workplace that fitted in well with my full-time job and my children. A number of my colleagues took the customer service training course and we now have a fantastic team spirit. It has helped us to be more responsive to our customers and to improve their experience.”

If you run your own business, then you might know that some of your staff members are stronger with their customer service than others. In fact, you will know how often employee turnover can take place and how you might need to do training with new, inexperienced employees. If you are starting from that point, though, then you will know it might be the best way to ensure that customer service is prioritised.

No matter how excellent the food is, the drinks you serve or the products you sell, you know that it can be all undone by poor customer service. It is even worse if your business features on websites like TripAdvisor or Yelp, mainly for how a bad review could put off a would-be customer from visiting.

According to a survey from Reputation Institute (via the Independent), Amazon ranked the highest in the UK as the most reputable retailer. The online-based company also came top for products and services and beat out competition like Boots, John Lewis, Ikea and Debenhams.

What is important about any business is to maintain and surpass expectations with customer service. Amazon, for example, had its score improve on how well it did in 2017, which increased by 8.3 points.

If you are looking to outrival your competition on the high street or online, you will want to ensure that your service matches the products you are selling. It could be the time to have a refresher course in place or online-based training for both new and existing staff to do yearly.

It might seem like it is obvious, but it should always be a reminder for any staff member that the customer is always right. However, that also takes into consideration how well they handle the situation, which could help the business retain a customer or either damage the impact of its reputation.