Today Is European Day Of Languages 2018!

Today Is European Day Of Languages 2018!

Learning a new language is something that a lot of us would love to do but unfortunately, if it hasn’t happened by the time we’ve left school, then life all too often gets in the way and we find we simply no longer have the time to do it.

But it’s certainly a shame that this is often the case, as there are all sorts of benefits to taking language training courses and picking up a new skill in this regard. If you can make the time to do it, then you certainly should!

From a business perspective, having more than one language is clearly advantageous as it means you’ll find trading with companies in similar industries in different countries far easier. You may even be able to negotiate better deals as a result – and you’re sure to impress your foreign counterparts with all the effort you’ve gone to.

Since today (September 26th) is officially the European Day of Languages 2018, why don’t you pick a language and make it your resolve to learn some of it by the end of the year? You could pick up quite a lot in three months and you could then make it your New Year’s Resolution to really prioritise it come 2019.

Other benefits to learning a new language include improving your memory thanks to all the new rules and vocabulary that you’ll have to memorise. You’ll be flexing that particular mental muscle quite a lot, that’s for sure!

It’s also possible that your English language skills could improve as well because the more you focus on the mechanics of language, such as sentence structure, clauses, grammar and so on, the more you’ll be aware of how our sentences are constructed.

As a result, you can expect to be both a better communicator and listener, as well as a better writer and editor… all very valuable skills in the world of work.

And, of course, the more you immerse yourself in the language of another country the more likely it is that you’ll want to go and experience that country yourself. Just think about all the new and exciting experiences that could be on the horizon for you if you did decide to pick up some new language skills.

But which language to choose? In terms of usefulness, you’re lucky in that English has millions of speakers already so you’re ahead of the game in that respect, but you might also want to think about learning either Mandarin Chinese or Arabic, as these are both very commonly spoken languages as well.

Spanish is another one that you might want to consider learning, as well as French or Portuguese, if your main motivation is to become more useful at work. If you’re looking for something relatively easy to learn Spanish or French may well be good choices for you. Mandarin is going to be hard to learn but you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment if you do achieve this lofty goal.