#OSHtober Campaign Launched To Boost Workplace Safety

#OSHtober Campaign Launched To Boost Workplace Safety

A new campaign has been launched by safety charity RoSPA in a bid to raise awareness about falls from height, which affect thousands of employers and their members of staff each and every year.

In 2013/2014, such falls were in fact the most common cause of fatalities in the workplace, causing 39 deaths, 3,317 major injuries and 3,165 injuries where the victim wasn’t able to work for seven days.

Dubbed #OSHtober, the campaign provides tips, facts and stats about falls from height, as well as a dedicated web page, infographics and blog posts. You can also follow the hashtag on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to join in the conversation. Jason Anker MBE – who fell off a ladder at work when he was 24, which left him paralysed – will also be taking over the RoSPA Twitter feed on October 25th if you have any questions about health and safety best practice, as well as working at height.

RoSPA’s occupational safety and health policy adviser Dr Karen McDonnell said: “Despite huge strides in workplace health and safety in Britain, falls from height are still a major problem, so it is an ideal issue to tackle as part of RoSPA’s first #OSHtober. Employers and employees alike can get involved by taking a look at the real life stories, information and tips we have been sharing throughout the month, and by sharing their own experiences and best practice with us.”

Last year, the RoSPA published a downloadable guide to help prevent workplace accidents that could well be worth reading. It is designed to encourage you to think about how well your business managed with unplanned incidents and accidents.

You could also benefit from visiting the Health and Safety Executive website, which has a lot of useful information about working at height for employers and employees. It will walk you through a risk assessment and let you know what steps you have to follow to ensure the safety of your workers. For example, you should do as much work as you can from the ground, make sure equipment is suitable, strong and stable, not overload or overreach when working at height, provide protection from falling objects and work out your emergency evacuation and rescue procedures.

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