Faecal Bacteria Found In Numerous Food Chains

Faecal Bacteria Found In Numerous Food Chains

It seems that there may be a few managers out there who need to go on refresher food hygiene training courses, given the news that’s been popping up over the last few weeks that faecal bacteria has been found in drinks and ice in various well-known chains.

At the end of last month, for example, a BBC Watchdog investigation found that ice from Costa Coffee, Caffe Nero and Starbucks all had varying levels of this bacteria. Some seven out of ten samples taken from Costa were found to be contaminated in this way, while three out of ten from Starbucks and Caffe Nero were found to be the same.

Since, Costa has announced that it had updated its guidelines for handling ice and is also now in the process of bringing in new ice equipment storage. And Starbucks has said it will be carrying out its own investigation into these claims.

Expert and head of policy and education at the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Tony Lewis commented on the findings, saying that the level of bacteria that was discovered was concerning. He went on to add: “These should not be present at any level – never mind the significant numbers found.”

Mr Lewis also noted that the law on matters such as this is clear – all companies in the food sector should make sure they have the correct procedures in place in order to meet the relevant standards, so as to avoid this kind of scandal.

And it would appear as though the stores that were featured in the investigation have been failing to ensure that their food safety standards are being enforced in terms of their management systems, which will require immediate attention.

So that was back in June. Since then, further investigations into chain restaurants have been carried out, with scientists finding faecal bacteria on ice at the likes of KFC, McDonald’s and Burger King.

Commenting on these results, Mr Lewis was quoted by the Liverpool Echo as saying: “It’s extremely worrying. When we’re finding the sorts of numbers we’re finding here, you have to look at the people making the ice, handling the ice, which they then transfer into customers’ drinks.

“And then you also have to look at hygiene failure with potentially the machines themselves: are they being kept clean?”

Reviewing your processes and procedures is vital and should be done on a regular basis to ensure that you remain compliant. There are various different food hygiene and food safety courses you can book yourself and your staff members on so you know you have all the up-to-date information you need. So sit down and see which ones would be most relevant to you and what you do, and then sign yourself up.

You can take courses online these days so they can be done at your convenience and you can download and print off your own certificate to immediately prove to your customers that you are a reputable and hygienic business.