6 Body Language Tips To Seem More Powerful

6 Body Language Tips To Seem More Powerful

Your body language can tell other people an awful lot about who you are, how confident you are, how capable you are. But – even if you don’t feel as though you’re especially confident or even all that capable, the good news is that you can make yourself appear so to others just by making a few adjustments in how you hold yourself and how you move. Here are six body language tips to make you seem more powerful to others around you.

Sit up straight

Not only is slouching bad for your back, it also makes you seem as though you don’t really care, that you’re not bothered about the work that you’re doing and that you don’t really care about yourself that much either. By sitting up straight, you’ll seem a lot more confident to your employees and if you force yourself to do this more often than not, you’ll actually soon start to feel more confident as well.

The steeple position

Placing your hands with your fingertips touching one another in a steeple position is a classic pose of confidence and competence. It also shows that you’re listening to whomever is talking to you, so they’re sure to think more highly of you if they believe you’re paying them close attention.

Stand with feet apart

By standing with your feet spread further apart than you might do otherwise, you give off the idea that you’re actually claiming your territory, which is a huge sign to others that you’re feeling confident. When people feel nervous, they typically try to take up as little space as possible. Being confident in your movements, such as by not folding your arms and standing with your feet apart, will make you look more powerful.

Avoid self-touching

A huge sign to other people that you’re nervous or worried about something is the amount that you touch yourself, whether that’s rubbing your face, touching your hair or neck or fiddling with your jewellery or watch. Avoid doing this, especially in a business situation.

Eye contact

This is an absolute must if you want to exude confidence and power. By making good eye contact with others, you’re communicating that you’re approachable and truthful as a person, and will help make others feel more connected to you. Just be careful not to overdo it as you can come across as aggressive, or worse, weird.

Find your power pose

Posture can do a lot to convey strength and self-confidence so find a power pose that works for you. For example, try standing with your legs slightly apart and your hands on your hips, or try making wide gestures with your hands as this will make it look like you’re in charge.

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