7 Top Tips For Driving Festive Alcohol Sales

7 Top Tips For Driving Festive Alcohol Sales

Christmas is nearly here, somehow, so there’s no better time than right now to sit down and think how you plan to maximise your sales where alcohol is concerned this season. People love a drink at this time of year and for hospitality businesses, this represents a golden opportunity to make a few extra sales.

But how best to go about doing this? Luckily, there are all sorts of ways in which you can go about making sure that your drinks sales go through the roof this Christmas – but here are just a couple to help get you started.


Seasonal specials

Giving people drinks options that they can only enjoy at this time of year is a great way to encourage them to spend a little bit more. If you make these drinks really special, such as by pushing the boat out where the cocktails are concerned, you can charge accordingly – although don’t forget to run a happy hour at some point so people can get a taste for them.

Also consider coming up with branded recipes that call for people to make cocktails at home, taking bottles of your spirits away with them to get the job done. Give them a range of different recipes covering everything from creamy drinks to sparkling Champagne-based cocktails to really drive those sales.

Remember – the fact that seasonal offerings are temporary is part of their appeal so ensure that you make it clear that they won’t be around for long.


Don’t forget your cross promotions

Devising food and drinks menus that complement each other to perfection will really help encourage those Christmas sales. Market your products in conjunction with each other to make your customers stop and think about what they want to enjoy this year, whether they’re out and about or entertaining at home.

Those of you that own a bricks and mortar store might find they sell more alcohol if they make it easier for people to see it. Browsing is key to purchasing and the easier it is for customers to find what they’re looking for, the more likely it is that they’ll start splashing the cash.

Don’t forget to show your premium products off, either. Put these in a prominent place so that people have no choice but to see them – and put one in their shopping basket as they go.


Prioritise search

Make sure that your website and digital presence work as hard as they can for you at this time of year, really focusing on seasonal keywords and phrases in your SEO campaigns that will help direct people to your website to find what they’re looking for.

For those running hotels, restaurants, bars and so on, this is especially important from a tourism perspective. The higher you are in the search results online, the more likely it is that your passing trade will increase. Of course, this strategy works best when you start it early in the year and it may be that you’ve left it a little late in order to climb the rankings to target festive drinkers… but there’s always 2020 to prepare for in this regard.


Start earlier than you might think

Take a look around you right now – chances are that you can see Christmas promotions popping up here, there and everywhere at the moment. And this is a surefire sign that you need to start doing similar where your own festive treats are concerned.

As soon as Halloween has been and gone, it’s time to start thinking about your Christmas campaigns, even if you think it might be a little early in the year. Where advertising and marketing is concerned, Christmas does start early and you’ve got to get in there quick these days in order to beat the competition.


Customise your packaging

Customers love it when everything gets a little festive here and there, and you might want to think about ensuring that your packaging reflects a bit of Christmas spirit. You don’t need to go overboard but a few tweaks could make all the difference at this time of year… just look at the likes of Starbucks, Costa Coffee et al, which always bring out new designs for their festive cups to draw the punters in.

People will always appreciate something different and potentially collectable, so perhaps factor this in somewhere when planning your festive ad campaigns.


Collaborate with other local businesses

You may well find that you can tie your drinks promos in with other businesses in your local area so do some canvassing and find out what opportunities there are right in front of you. Do you have a little shop that specialises in pint and wine glasses, for example? If you tout the benefits of their products, they’re sure to be more than happy to do the same for you.


Avoid stockage issues

Of course, it’s wonderful when something proves popular but if you know that you’re likely to have a product that flies off the shop shelves, make sure that you consider this when putting orders in with your suppliers. What you don’t want is for people to come in specifically for that one drink, only for you to have run out… it won’t leave a good first impression at all.

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